Encountering the Redeemer

Dec 10, 2023    Bob McCan

Having arrived in Bethlehem at harvest time, Ruth goes to glean in the fields and hopes that someone would let her, a stranger, onto their land. She ends up in the field of Boaz, a God-fearing man who cares about the vulnerable. Boaz meets her with kindness and provides for her. Naomi remembers that Boaz is a relative of theirs, which means that he could be their kinsman-redeemer, she sends Ruth to him to find out if Boaz would be willing to care for the two women. So Ruth goes to Boaz and he is willing to marry her, to be Ruth and Naomi’s redeemer. The only problem: Boaz is not their closest male relative and so, he must give the other possible redeemer priority.

In these chapters we see Naomi’s bitter frozen heart starting to melt as she cares for Ruth. We see Ruth’s humility as her interests are not for her own benefit, but she seeks to take care of Naomi. We see Boaz, who marvelously provides for Ruth and is willing to marry her, keeping the covenant God has made with his people. The God Ruth has entrusted herself to.